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Hebden t-shirt

Well, I had to do it, didn’t I? It’s not everyone who has a sewing pattern named after them!

I can see family Christmas presents coming out of this, especially as there is a man’s version along with the women’s version. Although I suspect that some of them won’t appreciate that it’s a Hebden t-shirt, however often I tell them!


I noticed that Lisa had named a t-shirt after our family I while ago, when the pattern was only available through ‘Stitch School‘. I tried to coax a copy out of her at that time, but was ignored. I’d like to think that I don’t need Sew Over It Stitch School. I made this  without referring to any instructions. In fact, it was only just as I was completing the t-shirt, that I found the sizing and fabric requirements, at the end of the instructions. What a strange place to put them. Noticing their apparent omission, I had taken the required information from the shop web page.

Not for the first time, I couldn’t print out this pattern at home, and had to send it to a copy shop. I’m not totally sure why this happens, but I suspect its something to do with my printer’s memory.

Anyway, it’s dead easy to make, using the overlocker for everything except the hems. Any issues that I have are with the sleeves. I shortened them by the usual 5 cm, and turned them up by 2 cm. I did wear the t-shirt with the sleeves pinned up for a whole afternoon, in an effort to decide what was the right length. I decided on ‘bracelet’ length in the end. There is a bit of width in the bottom of the sleeves, so at bracelet length they can be pushed up a bit. In practice this makes them convenient for washing up and other household tasks.

There is a strange hang to the sleeves. I am pretty sure that they are cut on the correct grain, as per the pattern. I have quite narrow shoulders, and in fact, prefer set in sleeves to raglan sleeves (Which is one reason why I have made so many Lark t-shirts…). Maybe that’s why they hang oddly. But to be honest, once the sleeves are pushed up, and I have my hands in the washing up bowl, the additional vertical fold just above the elbow is not all that noticeable.


This t-shirt is currently causing much entertainment amongst the group with whom I went to Argentina last year. It was because of the Argentina holiday that I selected the printed fabric, which is from Minervacrafts. The closely matching plain jersey is from Fabworks. A conversation sprung up, and I shared a photo of the t-shirt with them, and now there is much knowledgeable debate going on about which member of the ‘camelid’ family is depicted on the t-shirt. We did see all 4 varieties whilst on holiday, although the alpacas were limited to one field at the first vineyard that we visited. These look ‘touristy’. They must be llamas.

And the next challenge is to surreptitiously try to find out what sizes the rest of the Hebden family are. There are 6 adults. Four are tall, and quite slim. The other two are a bit smaller, and generally very slim. So none of them are shaped like me, and yet all of the men share some of my DNA! It basically means that I can’t use my own size as a starting point.

Meanwhile, littl’un already has her own version, in a size that is way too big for her now. She’s much easier to sew for; just make it too big, and hope that I have got the seasonal weight right for the time when she is the right size! The pattern is Kwik Sew 3150, and I think this is now the 5th time that I have used it.




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