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Prima pattern – Green corduroy skirt

Continuing my objective to use patterns that i already own, i decided to use a pattern from Prima magazine, to make a corduroy skirt. To be honest, i don’t really need a new skirt. I have loads, but i am still locked down in the house on my own, and am beginning to run out of things to do. So i’ll do a bit more sewing. Just for the sake of it.

I haven’t bought any of the sewing magazines for quite a long time now. I found the quality of the contents and the editing to be poor, as well as rather repetitive after a number of years of dipping in and out. So when i retired, and found an offer for Prima at £1 a copy, i thought i would give it a go, especially as it always comes with a free pattern if your subscribe. I made up a Prima pattern absolutely ages ago, and still wear the two garments that i made. They can probably best be described as basic, but long lived. You can buy the most recent pattern online, but i do not see a method of buying patterns from previous issues. Sorry about that.

So, New Year 2021 issue included a skirt pattern. I have opted to wear skirts and dresses more than i might have expected this winter. Partly because i own them, so jolly well wear them (!) and i have also been warmer in a dress and tights, than in trousers and a jumper.

The top is a much worn version of a Lark Tee.

The skirt fabric is from Guthrie Ghani, by phoning in the order and then driving round to collect! Lauren’s fabric choices tend to be a bit expensive, but by buying from her, i am not only supporting a local business, but i can have my fabric in my hand somewhere between 1 – 24 hours after placing the order, rather than awaiting the vagaries of the post from other sources, and receiving my fabric often up to 10 days later. ( I could even ask to see one fabric in the doorway, and concluded that it was not the right colour, so didn’t buy. More on that in another post…)

I seem to be having problems with sizing these days, and not being a frequent user of Prima patterns, i had to start from scratch rather than experience. Yet again, my measurements seemed to indicate a size 20, and i am never a size 20. But i traced and cut a 20 never the less, in the hope that i would have to take it in. A toile would have to have been quite thick fabric to mimic the sizing accurately, so i just proceeded with an expectation of needing to adjust. And I’m pleased to say that i did have to adjust downwards.

I took the excess out of the centre front and back seams. Firstly, the hip shaping is in the side seams, and i still need that, and having stitched the pockets, i was reluctant to mess about with that seam. This approach did mean stitching the invisible zip twice, but that is not a problem. Both times were good! The zip is brown….. I was glad that i had opted not to top stitch. Irregular top stitching on corduroy would show up, as well as making it harder to undo the seam. The waistband is machine stitched to the right side, and then hand stitched inside, and the hem edged with bias binding (grey) and then hand stitched.

Spot the brown zip…

It was hard to know what length to make it. I always liked a midi length back in the 70’s, and it seems to be coming back. But midi can be anything from just below the knee to just above the ankles, and given the approach of spring (so Prima tells me…), the whim of skirt lengths for next year, with the added complication that hopefully i’ll be wearing shoes more next year, so want a length that looks right with shoes rather than the ubiquitous slippers of this winter.

Anyway, i’ve got a new skirt, and it being a ‘basic but long lived’ style, hopefully it will be around for many years to come. What to make next to keep me occupied?

2 comments on “Prima pattern – Green corduroy skirt

  1. Janet
    March 13, 2021

    Looks really nice. I have this pattern as I subscribe to Prima, and have been thinking about making it. The front and backs of their patterns are always the same though. Do you find the fit ok?

    • ann hebden
      April 5, 2021

      Hi Janet. Yes, i am happy with the fit. In a sort of good way, the weather warmed up as soon as i had finished it, and it is a warm skirt, so i haven’t worn it much since mid March. Give the pattern a go!

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