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Me Made May 21

I don’t take part in many sewing events, but i always look forward to Me Made May. I suppose you can make what you want of Me Made May – commit to anything that suits. I think i like it because it is mid season, and it’s a good excuse to review the wardrobe – as well as being conveniently alliterative!

I decided some weeks ago what i was going to pledge this year. I’ll wear something ‘me made’ every day. That’s quite normal and goes without saying. But i am so aware that in the last 14 months or so, i have been sewing for the sake of sewing – something to do whilst i have been in the house on my own for months on end. And whilst some of my makes have been quite well worn, i haven’t worn other garments at all, because the events for which they are intended, just haven’t happened. So whilst i wont be wearing 20/21 makes every day, if circumstances permit, i will try to wear new clothes, and especially those items that i have never worn.

Much worn items include my winter dressing gown and my two walking tops. I suppose that makes sense!

Items i have never worn include my dressing gown made from an old duvet cover, and the TMA tie neck blouse. The dressing gown was made for a specific holiday, which didn’t happen, but ought to be the right weight for May. It’s right behind me now; hanging on my study door ever since it was unpacked from the suitcase! The TMA tie neck blouse was made for a challenge to make something from a book that you had not made before. I quite like the blouse, but since i don’t do work meetings any more, and there have been very few ‘party type’ events in the past year, there has been no call to wear it, ….. so far! It goes quite well with that bright pink scuba skirt, doesn’t it?

Obviously i have made some winter clothes in the time frame: the wool coat, the sweater dress and the green corduroy skirt. I think i have worn the coat twice, and worn the dress and skirt a few times each. Then it warmed up. I hope they have all now been put away until later in the year, when hopefully they will be worn a lot more. (Oh my hair! Thank goodness that is not so untidy now!)

Let’s see how it goes!

One comment on “Me Made May 21

  1. Helen
    April 29, 2021

    Ah, enjoying sewing but already having enough clothes is the sewists dilemma. I count my wears and it takes about 40 wears to wear something out. I wear out around 10 garments per year. I therefore only need to sew 10 things per year. I counted my fabric stash and found I had enough to make around 60 garments so in theory no fabric buying for 6 years – in practice, different story.

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