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The Maker’s Top

I succumbed. I bought a new pattern; published only last week, and my first version is already made. I wanted to do some sewing over the Easter weekend.

The pattern is the new Maker’s Atelier Maker’s Top, and the fabric is a medium weight cotton linen mix from Guthrie Ghani; purchased from Guthrie Ghani because i can phone in my order, and collect the fabric within a couple of hours. (It looks as if the fabric has sold out since Saturday)

Whilst the pattern looks easy, i did a lot of tacking, because several of the seams are on a slight curve, and particularly with only 1cm seam allowance, keeping everything lined up is important. There is loads of ease in the pattern, and whilst i have achieved the desired look with a size 16, i could still wear the design if i reduced down a size. I’ve already cut the usual 5cm off the sleeves, but they are folded back twice in the pictures. As i am sitting here typing, or maybe i could be driving, they are only folded back once. So let’s just say that i could cut another 5cm from the sleeve length. I paper fitted to start with, and slightly to my surprise, left the body length as per the pattern, for the longer length with pockets.

You will be aware that i am not very keen on buying fabric online. Even though this was ‘clicked and collected’, sort of, i still have to select the fabric unseen and untouched, online. To be fair to Lauren, the website pictures did suggest that the stripe might be in the weft (across the fabric), rather than in the warp, as it probably more normal. I wanted downward stripes, so had to play pattern jigsaws to cut the pieces across the grain and hence get downward stripes. Actually, it wasn’t very difficult, and apart from the fact that i have written it here, i will probably forget that i cut across the grain. And i still have enough fabric left for a pair of summer shorts for littl’un, being very much aware that i haven’t seen my relatives much in the last year, and littl’un is no longer a toddler, but a fast growing little girl now.

The top is going to be great for warm days when you need or want to be covered up, or if you need big pockets for an activity. And with a large neck and large sleeves, it’s going to be cool. The fabric is going to crease a bit, but i guess that will become part of the look. It will have to be an outer garment, because i don’t think i have any light weight coats with this much ease that would comfortably go over the top, and the wide neckline restricts pairing with an narrower outer neckline. However, you could easily layer underneath it… Maybe that’s the point!

Whilst the pattern recommends mid weight woven fabric, it would make up in a low stretch knit, such as ponte roma with a decent strength interfacing in the collar. I’ll see how much wear this gets over the coming months…

What to sew next? Ah yes, those little girl’s shorts to make use of the leftover fabric.

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