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Me Made … a different month

Interesting lesson learnt from Me Made May this year, although probably not too surprising. Forget May! I need to do this during a different month in future.

Bear in mind that i haven’t made myself any new clothes in the last year, partly as a result of Me Made May last year – i didn’t need any new clothes. I have a little notebook that i keep for sewing notes, often forming a basis for blog posts. I record my Me Made May wears in that note book, which has been used in the last year, but not much. So when i started recording May 22 i quickly noticed, only a few pages back, that i was pretty much wearing the same clothes this year that i had worn last year. So i wasn’t really learning much about my wardrobe that i didn’t already know.

It ought to be a summer month really. It’s so easy to make summer clothes from cotton or linen, and yet there are so few opportunities to wear them. The net result will probably be another trip to the charity shop, rather than filling gaps in the wardrobe.

This picture shows my much worn green jacket and ruck sack made from left over fabric. It’s very ‘May’. The cover picture is my coral light weight hoody, also much worn in May.

And in other sewing news, i have just finished my first set of Christmas decorations for the National Trust!

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