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Me Made May 22

I look forward to Me Made May. Apart from joining in with SewBrum (which i didn’t do last year), it about the only sewing event that i join these days.

Last year was a mixture of both a success and failure. So this year i need to try to address that result.

The ‘failure’ was in my attempt to wear many of the items that i had made during lockdown, primarily to keep myself busy. I didn’t do as well as i had hoped, so, with a somewhat different lifestyle these days, i am going to try again.

The success was that, in not wearing recent makes, i concluded that i didn’t really need any more clothes, and that i would, perhaps with odd exceptions, stop sewing for myself. My blog for the last 12 months is testament to the alternative forms of stitching that i have done instead.

There is rarely a day when i don’t wear ‘me made’. There used to be an exception for days when i went out hiking, as i had a sufficient supply of purchased walking gear. Then two years ago i made some long sleeved t-shirts especially for walking. They have been so well used! My purchased short sleeved t-shirts are still good to go, so i will need to rely on post walking togs and sleep wear to satisfy the daily ‘me made’, assuming that decent weather continues. So, yet again, i will try to wear the things that i made, now 2 years ago, when i had little else to do.

I’m pleased to say that some of the more challenging pieces are already coming into use.

This jacket has a lease of life when i am volunteering at the National Trust. It’s reasonably smart, a bit different and comfortable. Bingo!

I wore this blouse, the one and only time, at New Year. That’s a while ago now, but brighter weather will almost certainly bring it out again.

And i have even worn this sequinned jacket, which i basically made ‘because i could’, having won the fabric at SewBrum some years ago. It was never going to get a lot of use, but let’s see if i can bring it out again in May.

I suspect i’ll do a lot better with my pledge this year…..

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