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Another Maker’s Top

An update on the Maker’s Atelier Maker’s Top……

I originally made a version in cotton that swamped me, and rather got in the way of any making, and washing up! Despite the fact that it wasn’t like anything else in my wardrobe, it turns out i didn’t need it. Not the longer version anyway.

Swamped! Too long,

But it had always occurred to me that i might need the shorter version in a warm fabric. Forget anything about ‘making’, it would serve as a sort of jumper /coat, and would be rather useful when doing my volunteering work in the winter. I am based indoors, but as the external doors open and close as visitors arrive and leave, the indoors can get a bit chilly. I feel much more comfortable in this than in a coat. It feels like i intend to stay, rather than leaving my coat on indoors.

Nice and warm

The fabric was bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show in October, from a wonderful range of colours in pure wool. It was my first time at any Knitting and Stitching Show and being in the company of my old University friends (of 40 years ago) was a bonus!

So i made the shorter version, without pockets. The design is simple to make. It takes about half a day. It helps if you remember to add some interfacing to the neck… which i eventually did.

I love wearing it. The only drawback is that it doesn’t fit well under a coat. It is a great length in the car. So i just have to dash from the car to wherever i am visiting – which is fine. In fact, i can wear my matching scarf and hat to keep me a bit warmer. Yes, there was enough (quite expensive fabric) left for a scarf and hat. Actually, i don’t wear them with the top, (except for this photo…), but i have worn the hat and scarf together quite a lot. The scarf is finished with a narrow zig zag stitch all the way round.

Even warmer!

So, with the success of the shorter version, i unpicked the cotton version and re-made it in the shorter design. I can tell you that it was well made. It really was quite difficult to unpick, particularly around the hem area. It took almost as long to unpick as to re-stitch. The sleeves are a lot better in the shorter version. They don’t get in the way, like the longer ones did. It’s not really warm enough to wear it yet, but i anticipate wearing it at volunteering, in much the same way as i wear the wool version – probably with a t-shirt underneath on milder spring days or cool summer days – if such a thing as a cool summer day is going to happen this year!

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