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What a busy weekend making more than two pairs of short trousers and a little top. But, band of followers, I know that I won’t be sewing again for a few weeks, so I needed to make the best of the time.
So, gingham. It reminds me of school days. But the stall where I bought the first lot tells me that it is one of their best sellers. Great for cutting out, but not so brilliant for matching important seams. I’ll be in bed when I wear these so I was somewhat less fussed. Sorry, purists.
I had intended to mix and match the colours, and I bought the ribbon to be able to marry together the colours, but the final version was developed based on what I could cut and a bit of a master plan.
I say above, ‘more than two pairs of trousers’. There may yet be another pair of pyjama trousers. I’ve done something wrong somewhere. I abandoned a pair yesterday evening and started again. When I get the inclination I will unpick the side seams (which are French seams and so require careful unpicking) and see if I can work out what I have done wrong. More haste, less speed I think. I was thinking something like, ‘I’ve already made one pair today; I know what I’m doing’. But I didn’t!

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