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Little top – Nepalese material


Who would have thought that such a simple little top could take the better part of 5 hours to make? Well, it helps if you don’t go ‘ off piste’, thinking you know what you are doing and then getting into a terrible mess when you think you are ready to turn the lining ( the off piste bit) inside out. Anyway, although I don’t like making mistakes, I seem to be pretty good at working out what’s wrong and fixing it – which is what I had to do again today. So that added about 1.5 hours to the making time.

So, what lovely material, I hear you say! Indeed. An end of roll bought in Kathmandu for about £1.60. The pattern isn’t lined. The top is. I thought it was the tidiest way of handling what could be very fraying material. So the inside seams are finished as well as it being lined. The whole thing probably cost me just over £3.

This will keep the cost per wear rate down, as it’s yet another cold and windy Summer day in England, and the rail of summer tops still stays hardly worn this year!

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