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Son of Earl FitzWilliam

IMG_20151108_141125559Meet Junior Earl Fitzwilliam.

Wasn’t #SewBrum a great day out? Thanks so much to Charlotte for organising it.

I took part in the Merit Badge swap; an interesting way of allowing the attendees to get to know one another before the event. The idea was create a ‘badge’ inspired by what you could find out about the person with whom you were paired.

So many, many thanks to Susie Masur for creating Junior Earl Fitzwilliam based on my previous blog about the bigger owl, above. Senior and Junior met last weekend. Aren’t they both marvellous?

The bigger owl lives in Leeds, but gave Junior a big hug when they had to bid one another goodbye and I brought Junior back to Birmingham!


There’s nothing like a bit of silliness on what is generally a relatively serious blog!

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