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White seersucker tunic

DSCN2215This is probably the biggest pattern hack that I have carried out since coming back to sewing.

It all started with New Look 6340, free with Sew Issue 80, and my recent wide legged trousers. I decided that I needed a white, tunic length top to wear with the trousers on holiday. I rather like the pockets on this outfit, so I wanted to include them, but add sleeves for purposes of modesty in certain parts of the world (and to protect any burnt shoulders!). Then I gave myself the challenge of making sure that the resulting tunic did not look like a nurses or dentist outfit….

So, in order of the hacks:

  • Select the dress version with sleeves, in order to ensure that I have the correct armhole shaping.
  • Add the pockets
  • Shorten to just below the level of the pockets
  • Change the neckline to soften it, and try to prevent the nurse / dentist outfit look. There is no rounded neckline in the many versions of this pattern.


Making up the garment therefore required a regular review of pattern stages mainly from a combination of views A and D. Obviously I had to change the facing as well as the curve of the neckline.

I kept the back with ties, as per pattern, not just because the tunic shape lends itself to back ties, but it would also reduce the nurses outfit effect.

DSCN2218I thought that seersucker would hang well for the design. This fabric is a bit stiff, but therefore supports the neckline well, along with light weight interfacing. It came from Fancy Silk Store, bought on Christmas Eve when the shop was empty, making for a good opportunity to chat with the proprietor’s wife. I bought a lighter weight version later, but concluded that it was too flexible and would not make up well for this pattern, or indeed, many others!

I had some nice while flower buttons in stock. One is used to fasten the back neckline. One is positioned below the front neckline, and the other two adorn the pockets.  You will note that the effect is subtle!

DSCN2219Will I use this pattern again? It has shown versatility, which is always good, and was fairly easy to make, particularly I was messing about with it quite a lot. The sleeves are very tight, rendering it quite difficult to get on and off. I doubt I will use it again, but you never know.


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