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Wide legged trousers


Summer sewing for me has started again with a pair of wide legged trousers. The idea was inspired by Sew Issue 79 where they featured in May Martin’s pattern picks; New Look 6271.

I knew I needed some more wide legged trousers, especially as I am going to the Far East shortly. As long as I am not tripping over them, I think I prefer wide legged to skinny trousers, especially when it is warm, and its appropriate to be covered up. The fabric is mauve dots on a black background viscose, bought from Guthrie Ghani at the Christmas party. I’m pleased to say that I also won a sewing box as a raffle prize at the Christmas party. Its got my recently acquired knitting things in it. The pattern and the fabric were made for one another.

Making the trousers was straight forward, although I did have to check my pattern markings regularly to be sure that I knew front from back… As soon as I had a waistband, I stitched a label in the back. The hardest parts were getting the fabric to lie straight before cutting out,


and then deciding what sort of seams to use. I thought that the fabric lent itself to French seams, but they don’t work on curves. I have some similar trousers that were made for me on a market in Vietnam, so I checked them. They were finished with a zig zag and stitched as ordinary seams, so I followed the example of the professional Vietnamese seamstress and overlocked the edges before sewing ‘normally’.

And that’s about it. I just look forward to wearing them now. And maybe making something else from the same easy to make pattern.



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