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The Jodhpur Collection – Peacock top

DSCN2227This is why its called the Peacock top. The bird of the Indian nation, and to be found wandering round some of our hotel gardens.DSCN2229



There are two reasons for making yet another Butterick 5948 top with this fabric. First, I wanted to show off the fabric with a simple garment design, and secondly, I only bought 1m of fabric, which somewhat limited my choice of designs!

It is part of the Jodhpur collection, despite it being about 18 months since I last blogged anything on that theme. The title applies to any fabric that I bought on my trip to Rajasthan in 2014, the majority of which was bought in Jodhpur. This wasn’t. This was bought in Udaipur, which remains one of the most beautiful places that I have visited anywhere in the world. All of the assistants in the fabric shops showed me pictures of themselves with Dame Judy Dench and / or Bill Nighy, both of whom had recently been in town filming the second Marigold Hotel film. I have since seen the film and looked closely for evidence of Udaipur in the film, and failed to see much, but if I recall rightly, the city does get a mention.

Again its sari fabric, and presented the challenge that the fabric design runs across the width of the fabric. So it is cut across the width, incorporating the selvedge as the bottom of the garment.

Udaipur fabric

You can see here that the selvedge is not level, but I pattern matched the final printed woven line and went with an uneven back. Its all part of the beauty of creating western garments from Indian fabric, and particularly saris.

And here is another rouleaux loop and self covered button closure at the back.


I love the result! Why didn’t I do it sooner? And I am rather hoping that it will go with a lot of my summer wardrobe.

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