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One week, One pattern 2016

For the first time I am going to join in the challenge. I think that the timing will work out OK for trying to wear the same pattern at some point each day of the week.

To find out more and sign up click here.

I’m going with Butterick 5466, my copy of which is falling apart, it’s been used so often.

I may have 7 versions, although one is definitely winter weight, and too thick to be worn in September. In fact, it has to be quite cold for me to wear it in the winter.

I have lined all of them, although the pattern does not suggest a lining. I just make up a second version in the lining fabric, slightly shorter than the outer fabric, and then sandwich it in the waistband. Then I hand stitch the lining to the zip.

Several of them have been spur of the moment makes when I have noticed that I have 70cm of fabric left over from another project. So I make a matching skirt. In other cases I have bought enough fabric for a dress, but decided that separates would be more versatile, so B5466 has come out again.

Nowadays I just use the pattern pieces; I don’t bother with the instructions. I can make them in my sleep.

Here are 5 of them; some with their matching tops. I can think of at least 2 others, which have obviously never been blogged, as I don’t have photos.

Stay tuned to see how I style them in September.

2 comments on “One week, One pattern 2016

  1. Trisha
    August 28, 2016

    This is also my most used pattern, I have many versions, both winter and summer ones, 8 at the last count, yours all look lovely :-]

    • ann hebden
      September 17, 2016

      Thanks for your comments Trisha. The results are now up on the blog….. Ann

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