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One week, One pattern – as it happened!

Let’s start with the aftermath! A load of hand-washed skirts drying on the line.


Pattern choice: Butterick 5466, a selection of straight skirts.

I have 9 in total. The other 3 are all winter weight and distinctly too warm to have worn last week. In fact, at one point I was going to postpone the challenge for a couple of days, because it was really hot, and I wanted to wear cooler clothing. Then I decided that my summer tops wouldn’t get much more wear this year, so I should plough on, as you will see.

Some of these are very early makes – maybe 6 years ago. Only one is finished on the overlocker, so I have to admit that some are a bit of a mess inside now, but still respectable on the outside. The good news is that they all fit, and where I thought I might be uncomfortable wearing a pencil skirt all week – I wasn’t. In fact, I only changed into other garments once during the course of the week. Several have matching tops, and I only wore the matching top with one of the skirts. In general, the tops were too warm for the weather.

Here’s the montage:

I was out visiting at the weekend, so actually had a photographer for two of the days.

Saturday: Blue skirt, worn with matching blouse. (Bottom right) The blouse came first. I bought the plain cotton to face some fabric that I bought in Nepal, but the online suppliers cut it incorrectly, and had to send me another lot – enough to make a skirt as it turned out.

An outfit that I don’t wear very often, but i have worn it before to go to Leeds for my Mother’s birthday, which is what i was doing this time round.

Sunday: Black lacy skirt, with white knitted top. (Bottom line, centre) There is a matching top, but it is long sleeved, and too warm for the weather. Actually, this outfit was a bit warm as well, but highly suitable for visiting more friends.

Monday: Maroon jacquard skirt, with coral T-shirt. (Top line, second from right. Pre-blog.) This is probably the smartest of the skirts. After i had made it, i tried to get some matching fabric for a jacket, but they had sold out. I was working at home; i had worn the T-shirt briefly last week, and it matched OK.

Tuesday: (Top left). Its getting a bit hot and i am going to Reading to meet with my team. I nearly postponed the challenge in favour of a summer dress, but the blouse was made for exactly this type of event, so i wore it. There is a matching top, but it would have been too warm.

Wednesday: (Top line, second left. Pre-blog.) Its still hot. I am going to London on the train. Still hankering after summer dresses – but i may not get another chance to wear this top this year, so the challenge wins again. More Nepalese fabric for the top. The skirt also has a matching top, but it has 3/4 sleeves. I would have boiled!

Thursday: (Top right) The second appearance of the jacquard skirt. I am going to meet some fellow project managers, so need to look smart, but stay cool. RTW top, which i have had for years, but gets worn less nowadays since i have a huge hand made wardrobe!

Friday: (Bottom right) The only skirt made post-overlocker purchase. I bought the fabric on Leeds market to make some trousers, and there was enough left for a skirt. Its plain black twill. In principle it goes with anything, including the top from my 70’s re-creation earlier this year.

So there we have it. One pattern, worn using 6 different versions, 7 different ways, all in one rather warm September week.

I think that was a success. So which pattern am i going to chose next time round?





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