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A slight change in direction

I haven’t had my sewing machine out for 3 months now. Not since I started back at work again. I work and sew in the same space, but that has never stopped me swapping activities before.

I was in Leeds, at #SewUpNorth yesterday. It was great to meet everyone. I had a fun day. But all that I bought was some plain white cotton – for dyeing.               img_0578

However much I fingered fabric, and imagined what I could make with a particular piece, I kept thinking about my wardrobe, which is crammed jam full of clothes. I really don’t need any more (except for the two items that I planned to make after my #SewBrum purchases…..)


I used to operate a policy of new item in, old item out. But now all of the ‘old items’ are either very old, and much loved, or are actually quite new, handmade and equally as loved. So there is very little that I want to let go to the charity shop.

I have been veering off in a slightly different direction for a while now. I did some block printing in the summer. I did some tie dye work. I regularly bring back fabric from my international travels, and make interesting garments from them.

So I have changed the site ‘strap line’ to be ‘Sewing and textiles with Ann’. It’s no longer a blog limited to the things that I am sewing.

I hope you’ll stay with me and enjoy finding out a bit about textiles and their design with me, and then see what I make over the coming months.


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