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A plain black skirt

DSCN2073A garment that i actually need! Gosh. this looks boring. I think I will not categorise this a Fashion, but as Uniform.

So I was walking through the corridors at work thinking about the days when my client had a very strict dress code – white shirts, suits, no doubt, ties, and it even has its own shade of blue, which my new shirts meet quite closely. I went in on day 1 dressed relatively smartly, unsure how much of that legacy would remain.

I counted two ties in the canteen the other day. They didn’t look out of place; they looked smart, and I seem to think that their wearers were not young. The white shirt rule has gone.

Women seem to be able to wear whatever they chose, but i’m pleased to say that dresses are popular, as are skirts and tops, but I have seen leggings and a jumper on younger staff. So my objective is to be one of the smarter dressed.

My taste in clothes is a bit eclectic, and my thought process whilst still wondering through the corridors, was that I needed something very plain to be able to wear a wide range of tops and blouses. I have a plain brown skirt, and indeed a black skirt, but its a bit lacy, and I don’t want to wear it for work. I needed a plain black skirt.


I’ve actually had this fabric for probably about 18 months. I bought it on Leeds market in order to make the tailored trousers over Christmas 2013. There was enough left for a skirt, and I had even bought some black lining ready to sew. So I dug it all out of the big bag of cloth, and, using my much used skirt pattern, cut it out, lined it and completed it yesterday afternoon.

Its winter to mid season weight, being cotton twill.

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