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Lark Tee by Grainline Studio

You know when you need to treat yourself, or you just need bias binding, so you go into Guthrie-Ghani. And then you cannot leave the shop without making sure that there is nothing else that you need for your sewing, although you weren’t aware that you needed it until you walked in………..

So whilst checking that there wasn’t anything else that I needed, I spotted the Lark Tee pattern.

Now I had just been in Barry’s, and whilst similarly checking that there wasn’t anything else I needed, I spotted some jersey for £1 a metre. The colours would work just right for my forthcoming trip to India. So I bought 2m. I commented that I thought the fabric might run badly when washed, to be told that no-one had told them that was the case. So let me tell all of my blog readers, this fabric runs badly! But I expected that.


Meanwhile, back in Guthrie-Ghani, I considered how much I needed a highly recommended t-shirt pattern. I’m quite good at saying ‘no’ to these things. However, I got home and reviewed my t-shirt patterns and decided that I needed a new pattern! So I ordered the Lark Tee online to use with my £1 per metre fabric. It appears to offer endless possibilities for all weights of jersey and stretch fabric. In fact, it looks so versatile that I am tracing the pieces rather than cutting my size.

So here’s my first version.

IMG_7824I graded up round the waist and hips and probably didn’t need to. How come I seem to always measure myself too big? The sleeves are also quite wide at the hem, but both features will be good for coverage and cooling in India. Apart from the stay stitching and hems, I did it all on the overlocker, in no more than a couple of hours. The neckline is very neat. I’m impressed with the pattern and my neat work with the overlocker and twin needle.

I also made a capped sleeve version of Gertie’s sweetheart neckline t-shirt from her Vintage Casual book from the £1 per metre fabric.


I wear my 3/4 sleeve and long sleeved versions regularly. The sleeve finish doesn’t look like Gertie’s version, but again coverage and cooling will be just right for India.

I bought 3m of fabric in the end, in order to get two t-shirts out of it, and had enough left for an infinity scarf. So the t-shirts cost less than £1.50 each, if you ignore the cost of the pattern. There’s a little button in the centre of the Gertie t-shirt. That cost 75p, increasing the cost of the t-shirt by 50%! Do not wash with any other garments!

Back to the Lark Tee. It has so many possibilities I am wondering what to do next. V-neck and long sleeves maybe. And I have some fabric for a winter weight jumper – crew neck and long sleeves? Watch this space!

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