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Butterick 6492 by Katherine Tilton

Yes another Tilton design. The sisters have a certain style which seems to suit me.



The fabric is a beautifully soft, stable knit from Barry’s. I bought the yardage as per the pattern envelope and still had enough left to make a little skirt using Butterick 6258, Lifestyle Wardrobe.  So now I have a smart / casual winter outfit.


I struggled to spot the difference between views A and B. Its mainly about top stitching and how you make the pocket. I think I ended up doing a bit if a mixed version, which is fine. Its sort of made ‘upside down’, in as much as usually one of the first steps is to sew the shoulder seams, whereas with this pattern, that is one of the last things to be done. You create the pockets, then make all of the panels, then sew the vertical seams, and then finally sew the shoulders and neck facing. It grows quite quickly as a lot of it can be done on the overlocker. You need to be careful about fabric choice, as the pockets are finished on the outside, using the overlocker or just a trimmed raw edge. My thread colour matches very closely, so its not at all obvious, or you could do a contrasting top stitch on the pocket and seams.

The sleeves could be round about 3/4 or bracelet length. I nearly always have to shorten sleeves, so this time I didn’t, and they are very marginally short of long sleeves on me. Which is fine because it is a warm garment.

Mitring the front points was a little tricky to work out from the pictures, but once you’ve got it, its obviously right and quite easy to do.

Now I need to make a nice warm coat that is long enough to go over this and other tunic length tops. Its always possible to find an excuse to make something, isn’t it?

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