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A flock of Larks

It seems that I really did need Grainline Studios’ Lark T-shirt pattern. I have made 4 now!

So here are numbers 2, 3 and 4. The first was blogged here.

All of them are different, as promised by the pattern, and when you start lengthening it, you can get more than the 16 variations suggested by the pattern! I like it because the fit at the shoulders and bust is really good. Lengthening, widening, shortening – all those adjustments are easily achieved if the shoulder and bust fit is good.

Number 2 has a scooped neck and long sleeves, and a rounded hemline front and back. It comes in elephant fabric from the Minerva Crafts sale. I wasn’t sure how big the elephants were going to be, or what weight the fabric would be, but you can see that it lent itself to a long sleeved t-shirt which will go to India with me. I want people to ask me where I bought it. In my relatively large experience of bo-ho travel fashion environments, it should have been for sale in Kathmandu!


Here’s a back view.

Number 3. I’m wearing number 3 now. I wear it loads. Its coming to India as well, but mainly as a jumper to wear when I leave and arrive home. If you follow my blog regularly you may recognise the fabric as previously used for a Marcy Tilton jacket, which I also wear loads. This was the left over fabric, presumably after judicious cutting of the jacket. The fabric is really easy to wear, rolls up into a light-weight ball and sits comfortably in the bottom of my rucksack, and it washes well and comes out of the washing machine almost dry. What’s not to love?


This version has long sleeves and a V-neck. We all know that v-necklines can be hard to get right, so I was wary. But it worked fine. I love it! I sewed it on my sewing machine rather than on the overlocker in order to achieve accuracy, and then top stitched the facing in place. Notice the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower centre front.

Needless to say, I was so pleased with the V-neck that I used it again for my nightdress. Lark number 4. I have a much loved M&S night dress that I have tried to replace before. ‘Replace’ suggests that the original will cease to be / go to the charity shop. But that never happens! I just keep wearing it. So I took the full length Lark pattern ( I have to shorten it about 6 cm normally), laid the original nightie on top and drew round the bottom part. And now I have a new nightie pattern, with a variation of necklines and sleeve lengths!


Panda fabric again from Minerva Crafts, and, despite regularly saying that I am not fabric lead, I don’t think I knew what I was gong to make with it when I ordered the fabric. The original probably cost less, as I had to buy 2m of fabric, but it is a unique night dress. Maybe the original will now get thrown out…..maybe!

4 comments on “A flock of Larks

  1. Nicola
    October 24, 2017

    I like all three renditions, the fabric is lovely in each, but am intrigued by the nighty – what a good idea!

  2. Barbarags
    October 25, 2017

    I especially like the nightdress and the red elephant patterned shirt. I am wondering if I too need a Lark tee pattern as i would love to have those neckline variations. I’d like to ask you a question about the fit of this garment. I have 4 patterns that I have used for tops in jersey but I am looking for one that skims the body, two of my patterns are tight fitting, 1 is a raglan sleeve that I deliberately made in a size larger than my actual size (and should not have as the fit is loose any way) and the 4th is a round neck, long sleeve version that is about right but a little looser than the fit I am aiming for. It seems to me viewing the photos on the Grainline website that this pattern does skim the body evenly all the way down but your versions seem to flare out towards the hem. I know garments often look different on a hanger from the way they look on the body so I might be getting the wrong impression. Would you tell me your opinion of the fit at the bottom, as you say the bust and shoulders are really good please. Also whether the pattern is true to the size stated as I am at the bottom of the size range with narrow shoulders and if it comes out with a lot of ease, as some patterns do, this is not for me. Thank you for keeping your blog going

    • ann hebden
      November 4, 2017

      Thanks for your question. It’s not so much the pattern that flares out at the bottom, as me! I size up round the waist and then even out the side seam back to something closer to the original size – without it looking odd. I also have narrow shoulders, and that where the fit is very good. I think you will probably be OK for a comfortable fit without the adjustments that I do. Ann

      • Barbarags
        November 4, 2017

        Many thanks for replying. I was very pleased to hear about the narrow shoulders and I think that has decided me to get it.

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