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Maker’s Atelier Holiday Top

One of my previous posts comments that I have made a lot of Maker’s Atelier patterns recently. Well here’s another, full price, ordered online pattern. The Holiday Top.

It was another case of measuring and much debating about whether to shorten the length and width, grade a size up and so on. In the end I decide to cut a size 16 and see how it worked out. I shortened it by 1cm – that was all.


As you can see, it is ‘roomy’, but it is designed to be roomy. I’ve used linen, so it will work well as a top for my holidays, providing coverage from the sun, whilst being cool and not clingy. I recommend using the elastic and toggles offered by the Maker’s Atelier. I tried to find suitable alternative on the market / John Lewis, and there was nothing similar. Even the best button stall on the market hadn’t got toggles.

My wardrobe has nothing else similar, and I have found it to work well with plain skirts and ‘fancy’ trousers.

I didn’t use the pattern markings to determine the location of the elastic casing. I tried on the top and marked according to my waist. It was similar, but not the same.

Its not clear in the photos, but I added decorative stitching in black a key locations: at the bottom of the neck opening, above the side and centre splits, and at the ends of the collar. Whilst primarily decorative, particularly at the bottom of the neck opening, the stitching assists in keeping the facing in place.

The Maker’s Atelier website (Journal) has a suggestion to turn the design into a dress. I’m keen to re-use the pattern. They are quite expensive and as such need multiple usage and adaptations. OK. I seem to be persuading myself…..

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