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Maker’s Atelier Pencil Skirt

This skirt is in The Essential Collection book, which I have used on several occasions. I have three of these skirts, and particularly the scuba ones have been well worn across multiple seasons. I can make one of these in about an hour and a half. One morning I tweeted that I had made a new skirt before the shops were even open!

I recommend using scuba, even though I was a little dubious about its wearability. The third one is made from stretch velvet, and was made to wear at a winter wedding, but again, the fabric weight allows its wear to spread across all seasons except the summer.


The scuba wears, washes and dries really well, and can be worn with or without tights. The plain style can be dressed up or down.

The photos also show case another Maker’s Atelier pattern – the woven t-shirt which came with the summer edition of the Maker’s Atelier magazine. Typical of the brand aesthetic, it is a simple style, making it an ideal choice for selecting interesting fabric. I have been living in them for the past few weeks.

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