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Three methods of hemming

Just a short post. I wasn’t going to blog the white Sakura top at all, but then i noticed that i had hung three garments on the line to dry, and that i had used three different methods of hemming them.

Left to right:

Ikatee Sakura with rolled hem on the overlocker

Ikatee Sakura with hem pressed and then stitched flat on the sewing machine

Top Knot Romper using 4mm rolled hem foot on the sewing machine. Before i gave it a really good press!

I love the white Sakura. It is totally made from left over bits from two of my makes (here and here) this summer and a bit of pink ric rac that i had in my box. And it is white, and as i have white thread for my overlocker, i can roll the hem on the overlocker. The hem hardly affects the hang, but may not be as robust as the others. It takes longer to adjust the overlocker than to stitch the hem. It’s almost a free garment, and so pretty!

The machined hem pressed and stitched flat, has flattened the hang of the Sakura dress, but i dont think that has spoilt it, and it ought to be robust.

The hem rolled with the new foot on the sewing machine will be robust and is neatly finished. The big advantage is that I could stitch a narrow hem with the garment coloured thread. It looks better since its been pressed. It has hardly affected the hang of the garment, BUT, the hem doesn’t seem to be as level now as it was pre-sewing. There is no logical reason why that should be the case, other than a large circumference like that means that i have stitched over a range of different grains, so that might have had an impact on its appearance.

Now to parcel up all of the recent children’s makes, send them to Leeds, and hope i get to see them being worn. Which i may not, as i won’t be seeing family this Christmas. That’s a real pity after so much hard work.

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