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A plain black skirt

A garment that i actually need! Gosh. this looks boring. I think I will not categorise this a Fashion, but as Uniform. So I was walking through the corridors at work … Continue reading

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Simplicity Blogger Challenge

The story of four garments So this is the story about making New Look 6145 pattern; the dress that I chose to make for the Simplicity Bloggers competition. The final product … Continue reading

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Colour blocked skirt

Following on from the colour blocked dress, I now have a colour blocked skirt – or this entry could be known as, how to make a simple skirt difficult! I … Continue reading

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Denim skirt

In all of my many years I don’t think that I have ever owned a denim skirt, never mind made one myself. Well I do now, and not being one … Continue reading

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Katherine Tilton Jacket

I am trying to decide where to rank this project in the all time history of difficult things to sew. It’s not at the top. The silk scarves were harder … Continue reading

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The Jodphur Collection – outfit for the Australian Open!

    I’m going to wear this to the Australian Open tennis, I have decided. Obviously it’s a really international outfit, made from fabric purchased in Jodphur, made in the UK, … Continue reading

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Matching skirt and Coco sweater

My previous post promised a matching skirt from the remains of the jacket fabric, and here it is. Goodness knows how my times I have used this pattern, but certainly … Continue reading

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Foxy lady

This skirt is in honour of my local fox family. There are at least 6 of them. I frequently see 3 cubs, and sometimes 2 adults at the same time, … Continue reading

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Cowl neck suit

Firstly, this looks distinctly better on me than on the dress form. I’m wearing it now. It is so comfortable. This is the fabric that bought on the market for … Continue reading

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And now the matching skirt

As predicted, I made a skirt to match. Same old pattern. Very quick. This is the first one I have made that isn’t lined, so even quicker. I made it … Continue reading

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