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Another Sorbetto top

DSCN2294Another Sorbetto top……. I would never have thought, having rather criticised the pattern here……

But I do love the first one, despite its faults, and wear it quite a lot.

This is the left over Paul Smith fabric from the sleeveless Katherine Tilton blouse that I have just made. Being striped, it rather lent itself to a Sorbetto, and the fun that I could have (again) working out how to decorate it.


Much contemplation going on here, with the fabric, the revised pattern (of which more in a moment) and the original top.

This is a hack, in order to fix the armhole shaping ‘problem’. I used the armhole shape from B5948, my go-to base top pattern, and basically took the best parts from this and Sorbetto, and ended up with the final shape. I’m testing it here. I don’t know enough about pattern drafting to create a whole new pattern, but I can use bits from a range of patterns and generate my own versions.


I finished all of the edges on the overlocker; not just the exposed ones on the shoulder and sides, and then covered the over-locking with this rather attractive pre-folded, lacy bias binding that I found on Birmingham market. With a bit of care, I pinned and stitched it directly in place. (The mark at the neck line is just water from the iron, as it had just come off the ironing board. Sorry!)


The lace down the front I already had in stock, and I deliberately bought buttons in two shades of pink. One was so close to the fabric shade that I wasn’t sure they would stand out. The others were darker, so I have alternated them down the front.

So now I have a usable version of this pattern, and apart from having a surfeit of sleeveless tops, I could make more if I wanted. As I said last time, deciding how to decorate them is fun, so its tempting.

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