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There has been less structure to the last few days’ clothing choices. I don’t know about you, but if i haven’t been out at all during the day, or i just went to the supermarket, i am not feeling the need to change my clothes all that frequently. I get clothes out of the wardrobe, wear them and then pile them up in my bedroom, awaiting the next wear. So i am expecting that my stats at the end of the month will show that i have worn fewer different clothes this year.

But at least i have been wearing my new walking gear, despite my walking holidays being cancelled! Previously i have always excluded country walking days from Me Made May, but now they are not only allowed, but included! You don’t know how happy i am about both of these things.

IMG_20200516_162615901 (2)

A proper country walk, accompanied by a friend, wearing my Lark ‘walking t-shirt’ and version 4 of my McCalls hoodie.

IMG_1536 (2)

Just back from a more local walk, on my own (so no photographer), on a colder day. Recently made Hebden t-shirt, and version 1 of the McCalls hoodie. This is still one of my favourite and most worn garments.

Another venture outside, this time to the supermarket! What a varied life we are all leading!


It’s the first time i’ve worn this recently made Marcy Tilton blouse. I wear the Maker’s Atelier skirt a lot, and the Maker’s Atelier Boxy Shopping Bag has been to the supermarket with me every time since it was made a few weeks ago.

More Marcy Tilton. This is very typical wear for me on a day at home in May.

IMG_1534 (2)

I also thought i would show off my latest William Morris fabric rucksack and what i am calling my International bag.

Then it got warmer, and the summer clothes came out.

Including the me made straw hat, which has had quite a lot of wear whilst reading in the sunshine in the back garden.

The red linen dress is from one of the earlier GBSB books, made from fabric left over from the Ultimate trousers. The trousers have gone to the charity shop ages ago, but the dress comes out every summer. And the more recent Maker’s Atelier sun dress, also in linen, which i think i have only worn once before, on holiday in France last year. Since then i have shortened the sleeves a little bit. I’ve never blogged this. I have a sleeveless version as well, in pink.

And finally i got dressed up for a family birthday zoom call.

IMG_1530 (2)

This is Katherine Tilton, so ringing a slight change here (!), and i so rarely wear this dress, despite the enormous amount of time and effort that it took to do the rouleaux loops down the front. Actually, it looks OK in the picture, but those pockets keep catching on things, and it has stretched out a little round the neck. But neither of those facts are obvious from the picture, so maybe i should try wearing it more often. Isn’t that a little bit of what Me Made May is about?.

That’s it for the time being. I think my next Me Made May blog will include the stats and summary…

Meanwhile, further sewing has stalled as i await long delivery times (in one case, 4 weeks) on supplies.


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