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Walks, hats and linen – Me Made May

Walks, hats and linen – although not necessarily together. That’s been a bit of a theme for May since my last post. The weather has been good and i have been released from my house to drive to walks. On my own. So off i went. In a range of self made sun hats because i have been known to suffer from heat stroke, which a) isn’t good under any circumstances, and b) is particularly bad if you are on your own, a drive away from home, and no-one is supposed to come anywhere near you.

Additionally my online sewing supplies still haven’t arrived, so no further sewing took place. In one case, my order is now 6 weeks old.

My notes indicate that during May i wore 58 different me made items, including night wear, underwear and hats, but not counting bags. All of my summer night wear is me made.

As it warmed up, linen garments proved to be cool. The orange Holiday Top and beige skirt are both linen, as is the green Marcy Tilton top. I was already wearing a couple of linen dresses at the time i wrote the last post.

Whilst out walking, my second Lark based walking t-shirt came out, and then when it warmed up even more (and i should have been on a walking holiday in Slovenia) i had to wear a variety of t-shirts and my sun hats whilst out walking. It was quite difficult to get pictures because i was on my own and the sun was pretty bright. Here’s one taken ‘on site’ and two re-created at home, because the outdoor photos were irrepairably bright and shadowy. The t-shirts are from the original GBSB book, and two of many Larks.

And a couple of recently made garments also got their first wear. My summer Aspen dress was worn on the very last day in May, and i also wore this combination of what i am calling my ‘Wilder Gown skirt’ and grey blouse, which, as expected when i made it, gets worn quite a lot, because it goes with most things.

I haven’t blogged about the Wilder Gown yet, but let’s just say, that after much consideration, i decided it was far too big, and even the resulting skirt isn’t all that flattering. Luckily i was making it from less fabric than recommended, but there is still a lot left and probably wasted. The skirt is based on the Maker’s Atelier pencil skirt with a deep flounce.

And finally the pink sleeveless Maker’s Atelier sun dress, which was intended as a wearable toile for the linen version. I probably should blog them separately as i have a number of comments to make about the construction. This is in quilting cotton.


So that’s May over for another year. I look forward to pressing the ‘re-set’ button on my retirement and seeing where it takes me this time next year.

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